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► Mirror your iOS device on your computer ► Password-protect the connection ► Download lossless audio output ► Watch multiple live streams simultaneously ► Support multiple Apple devices [ iphone | ipad | ipod | tv | music | smart | screen | how-to | know-how | apple ] ➥ [ X-Mirage official page ] ➥ [ X-Mirage official google play store page ] ➥ [ X-Mirage official App Store ] ====== Features #1 Real-time streaming of any iOS device #2 Password protection of the connection #3 Password request before accepting any connection #4 Download lossless audio output #5 Ability to stream multiple streams simultaneously #6 Ability to watch multiple streams on one device #7 Watch live video streaming with audio #8 View IP address of the device #9 Change video resolution and audio bitrate #10 Support unlimited number of devices #11 Support multiple Apple devices #12 Support multiple resolutions #13 Support multiple audio bitrates #14 Support multiple resolutions #15 Support multiple audio bitrates #16 Real-time stream in lossless audio #17 Allows volume control #18 Option to reset all the settings on reboot #19 Password protect the connection #20 Password request before accepting any connection #21 Password request #22 Connect with any iOS device #23 Select any resolution #24 Select any bitrate #25 Plays any kind of media file #26 Receives any kind of audio output #27 Password protect the connection #28 Password request #29 Connect with any iOS device #30 Select any resolution #31 Select any audio bitrate #32 Plays any kind of media file #33 Receives any kind of audio output #34 Select any resolution #35 Select any audio bitrate #36 Receives any kind of audio output #37 Supports multiple resolutions #38 Supports multiple audio bitrates #39 Allows volume control #40 Supports multiple devices #41 Supports multiple resolutions #42 Supports multiple audio bitrates #43 Real-time stream in lossless audio #44 Plays any kind of media file #45 Receives any kind of audio output #46 Password protect the connection #47 Password request #48 Password request #49 Connect with any iOS device #50 Select any resolution #51 Select any audio bitrate

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KEYMACRO for iPad is a specialized keyboard, specifically designed for typing on the iPad. No more clunkily forcing your thumbs on the iPad’s usual “home” button in order to type in text. With KeyMACRO, every keyboard shortcut that you assign on your iPad is immediately available to you, along with many other functions. You can use the application to type in any text or e-mail you may need in just a few steps. How it works You can do most of the things in the application with your touch, but the most obvious and important functions are those that have to do with your keyboard. These include a keyboard with which you can directly type your text, a shortcut bar in which you can assign shortcuts to several keyboard commands, a library with many useful keyboard shortcuts and several pre-defined hotkeys. Besides the aforementioned elements, the application can also be used to type text inside of other applications, such as Safari, or even within a PDF document. You will just need to register the keyboard shortcuts of your choice and then simply touch the screen where the text you want to type is displayed. Once you have typed what you want and pressed the “enter” key, you will be automatically taken back to the application. As an extra, you can choose to go back to the application where you started typing. Once inside the application, it is possible to save text directly to the clipboard, or to copy it to another application by touching the app’s icon. Another important feature that you can use to type text in the clipboard is “Text Stickers”. These stickers are a set of pre-programmed text shortcuts, which you can use to customize your typing style. Simply touch a text sticker and the app will automatically type the words you have assigned to it. All of these features make it easier than ever for you to type efficiently in whatever application you use. Other useful features Other features include the ability to play music, search for any text, text extension (no more typos!) and several other advanced settings. iOS and Mac compatibility The application can work on all of the iPad and Mac devices on the market. HIGHLIGHTS Playlist Share custom voice messages Import song playlists from playlists Import playlists from iPhone and iPad Record a speech and then share it Create a whole new custom playlist and then share it Import and edit songs from Spotify and last.fm 2edc1e01e8

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The lack of native apps for Apple iOS devices does not limit the possibilities for watching the user’s video on TV and streaming it to his computer, since third-party applications make it possible to do just that. However, when the television is connected to a projector via HDMI, the quality of the image is usually not very impressive and users often need to resort to using iTunes to stream the video. X-Mirage is a software tool that makes it possible to send the video signal that comes from the iPhone or iPad’s camera to a TV via HDMI without using a third-party app. The utility receives the full-HD video and the audio signal simultaneously, as well as controls like a mute button and an adjustable quality level. It even allows you to send the video with a voice-over when the microphone is activated. X-Mirage works as an intermediary AirPlay server between your iOS device and the computer you want to display the video. This way, your computer acts as a receiver and the video that comes from the device is sent to the connected TV. However, X-Mirage is not a stand-alone app that allows you to stream video from your iOS device. It also cannot be used to display video from other devices, such as Apple TV or Roku. Also, X-Mirage does not offer lossless video output, which means that the quality of the stream on the TV is still not as high as it would be if you were using a third-party app. However, the tool does make it possible to add a password protection and restrict access to the source device. Besides the video feed, X-Mirage sends the audio signal to the connected TV as well. The same full-HD resolution can be used to broadcast the audio content of the video feed. Additionally, you can use the microphone to voice-over the audio, which helps to improve the quality. Description: Android users now have the ability to stream the video coming from their tablets or smartphones to an HDTV with Amazon Fire TV, thanks to the free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app, which is compatible with both tablets and smartphones, connects the TV and mobile device via the HDMI cable, and also enables a few basic controls like volume control. However, its main purpose is to display the video content that comes from the connected Android device. When you open the app, it will list all the connected devices in a menu, such as your smartphone, tablet

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X-Mirage mirrors your iOS device’s activity on your computer’s screen, enabling you to view it as if you were at the actual device itself. Use it to watch movies, games, or other video on your computer’s display. As the computer is used as a mirror, the app’s interface is already pre-installed, and it runs automatically at boot. X-Mirage supports a variety of iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. The device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, and the application must be installed on the computer. iOS devices that do not support AirPlay mirroring may not work with the app. X-Mirage works on macOS High Sierra (v10.13). Description: You can stream music, photos, and other media directly from a remote computer to any iPad or iPhone using AirPlay. AirPlay is built into iOS and is enabled by default. The AirPlay feature lets you wirelessly stream your media from your iPad to your home stereo system, or between your tablet and TV. You can browse the cloud from a remote computer and sync the media directly to the iPad. Browse the Web to stream from a website, download videos, and play games. AirPlay lets you stream files such as audio, photos, or videos directly from a remote computer. You can also use AirPlay to browse the cloud, such as DropBox. Any media that you have stored on your iPad can be streamed to another device, such as your home stereo or TV. AirPlay uses the built-in Wi-Fi network and works over the same wireless channel as other Wi-Fi devices. AirPlay enables you to send music and videos over your home Wi-Fi network. You can stream media from any device using AirPlay, including computer speakers, an Apple TV, and iPhone or iPad. You can mirror your computer screen to the iPad’s Retina display using the AirPlay feature. Your remote device must have an Internet connection, and the iOS software must be updated. For more information, see Get Started. You can use AirPlay to stream content from your computer to AirPlay devices, including other Apple TV devices, an Apple TV, an iPhone or iPad. An AirPlay-compatible source can stream music, video, and photos from an iOS device, a Mac, a PC, or a Mac server. AirPlay works with AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule. AirPlay can also connect to an HDTV that has an Apple TV or Apple TV (2nd generation) device connected to it. For more information, see How to use AirPlay to connect your iOS device to another Apple device. To stream media, open the AirPlay control panel. Your iOS device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer you want to stream content from. You can use AirPlay to stream from a Mac or PC


System Requirements For X-Mirage:

1. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher 2. Memory: 2 GB RAM 3. Hard Disk: 3 GB available space How to Crack: First of all, download file named “AIOB-Win-” from the below link and extract the.rar file to get a setup file. Then run setup to install the software. Then right click on the shortcut icon to run the program. Then login using your email


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